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About Peter Mauthe

Dr is the Principal dentist and Clinical Director at PMA Dental Care Gravesend Kent. He has a keen interest in general and cosmetic dentistry. He also has a keen interest in endodontics and orthodontics, such as Invisalign Clear Braces.

Peter Mauthe

Teeth Grinding At Night Can Cause Severe Damage


MOST PEOPLE CLENCH or grind their teeth from time to time. However, if you’re doing so frequently – especially while you’re sleeping – you may be damaging your teeth.

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Use Your Smartphone To Brush Smarter


SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING. It brings the world to our fingertips. And now, smartphone apps can help us with our daily oral hygiene routines!

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Gourmet Society Offer for New Patients


FREE 12 MONTH Gourmet Society membership worth £69.95 is being offered to all patients joining Denplan Care or Essentials until the end of February.

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Our Smiles Love Healthy Snacks


WE KNOW that frequent snacking on processed, sugary foods isn’t kind to the waistline. But what about its effects on your oral health?

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2015: The Year Of The Smile

Smile For New Year 2015

IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT looking like a movie star or supermodel. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable with your healthy smile!

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Tips For Patients With Fixed Retainers


MANY PEOPLE, AFTER COMPLETING orthodontic treatment, are fitted with a fixed retainer – a thin wire that’s bonded to the back of teeth, designed to help keep teeth straight and aligned.

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Tips For Dental Patients With Special Needs


FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, dental care can be challenging. In some cases, limited coordination can make brushing and flossing tricky. In other cases there may be less access to professional care. Some patients may experience high anxiety levels too.

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Tooth-Healthy Entertaining Tips


ENTERTAINING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? Throw a party that your guests’ teeth can appreciate too with some tooth-healthy tips.

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