Private Fees

General Dentistry

Dental Health Assessment for new patients (includes X-rays) £76.60
Dental Health Review £45.00
Digital X-rays £11.00
General Dentistry
General Dentistry
Scale & Polish £38
Gum disease treatment per visit £72
Extraction £62.50
Cosmetic filling from £55
Root treatment from £250
Standard crown £420
All ceramic crown from £490
Veneers from £395


Clear Braces
Invisalign Full £3800
Invisalign Lite £3000
Invisalign i7 £1800
Inman Aligner from £1500
6 Month Smiles £3000
Our costs for Invisalign Clear Braces is for both arches inclusive of everything. Invisalign do not cost their treatment by cost per arch, only for by the cost for both arches. If you see a dentist advertising the cost of Invisalign by the cost per arch you will need to double that cost to be able to compare their quote to the cost of our quote.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Home teeth whitening £327
Enlighten teeth whitening system £489