BRUSH TWICE A DAY for two minutes. That’s the advice we dentists give our patients, but how many of us actually follow that advice? See how you compare to the average person!

From a recent poll:

  • 49% of men brush their teeth only once a day.
  • 57% of women brush their teeth only once a day.

In fact the average person only brushes his or her teeth for only 30 seconds. That’s only 25% of the time they are meant too. That’s not nearly enough time needed to protect your teeth!

Don’t Rush

Many people think if the brush their teeth vigorously it will save them time. Even though this may be quicker it can cause wearing down of the tooth enamel and strip the gums away from the teeth. This can lead to sensitive teeth. If you brush harder than needed the bristles on your toothbrush will get out of shape and flared. If this is happening to your brush before it’s a couple of month old this is a warning sign. Remember to brush gently but thoroughly for the full two minutes.

Brushing Techniques

At home, for the best clean possible, brush at a 45-degree angle in small circular motions around all tooth surfaces. One of the biggest places for build-up is around the gum-line. This technique gets at the gum line and partially between the teeth. Not cleaning along the gum-line can lead them to become red, swollen and infected – the start of gum disease.

Clean Your Tongue

Only brushing your teeth leaves all the bacteria on your tongue which is the biggest source of bacteria in your mouth. Those bacteria on your tongue will quickly transfer to your teeth making them dirty again. Try to clean every area of the tongue. If you use a toothbrush use only water NOT toothpaste. If you have a gag reflex when using a toothbrush, try using a tongue scraper. A clean tongue helps keep your teeth and whole mouth clean, it helps keep your breath fresh!

Love Your Smile

We’re focused on helping your smile look and feel its best! We’re committed to your overall health as well. Remember, brushing twice a day for two minutes each time is a necessity, not a recommendation.

Thanks for reading our blog, and happy brushing!

Top image by Flickr user Taz used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

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