INVISALIGN BRACES AREN’T THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE, but if you’re a good candidate, there are LOTS of reasons for choosing Invisalign and they’re not all simply about going metal-free!

Because Invisalign braces are clear and removable they are a less invasive orthodontic treatment method. With Invisalign technology, your teeth can be straightened without the many inconveniences that fixed metal braces can cause.

Benefits You Probably Didn’t Expect

The most obvious difference between Invisalign braces and fixed braces is their appearance, but there’s more to it than that. For example…

  • See how your straight teeth will look before you start with a 3D virtual treatment plan called a ClinCheck.
  • Less visits to the surgery. We’ll usually see you only once every 6 weeks.
  • Invisalign aligners can sometimes double as teeth whitening trays or even as a protective mouth guard for sports.
  • The removable aligners allow you to brush and floss normally, which results in better oral health during treatment.
  • You can enjoy the foods you choose, without the hassles and restrictions of fixed braces.
  • The Invisalign aligners are made from smooth plastic that are more comfortable, so you won’t have the irritation metal brackets can cause.


Here’s an example of one of our patient’s clincheck. It shows how gradually each aligner straightens the teeth so you get to see how your teeth will look at the end of treatment.

What Our Patients Say

Here are some quotes from out patients about the benefits of their Invisalign treatment.

I feel more confident now that I’ve had Invisalign. I can smile and am not afraid to show my teeth

I found I didn’t snack as much when i had my Invisalign braces so lost some weight! Its great for dieting 🙂

I’m 58 and never thought I could have braces but now I have lovely straight teeth. I wish I had heard about Invisalign sooner

Straight Teeth Provide Other Benefits

Apart from appearance having straight teeth can have other benefits. Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss. They can also prevent uneven wear and painful TMJ problems. Straighter teeth allow for more efficient chewing and enhance food digestion. Straight teeth can even help with your speech and pronunciation!

Are Invisalign Braces Right For You?

Book a free Invisalign consultation with us at PMA Dental Care Gravesend, Kent. Call us on 01474 365671 or book an appointment now. We’d love to see what we can do to improve and preserve your beautiful smile. We hope to see you soon!

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Image by Flickr user Will used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

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