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WISH YOU HAD STRAIGHTER TEETH? Many of us do but we think ‘I’m too old’ for braces or the thought of the traditional orthodontic treatment using unsightly metal braces puts us off.


Clear Braces

Well think again! Here is an Invisalign clear braces case we completed in 2012 for a gentleman who was 60 years old.

This 60-year-old patient was very unhappy with the appearance of the teeth. He complained his teeth were crooked and worn. He had finally decided after many years to do something about it! After some discussion together we decided against crowns or veneers, we agreed to do some orthodontic work with the Invisalign clear brace system. Once the teeth were straight we would then fix the worn and chipped teeth. We considered teeth whitening but he just wanted straight teeth not a Hollywood smile!

invisalign case before picture

The aims of the treatment were as follows:

  • Straighten the teeth
  • Correct the uneven front teeth

Treatment Stages

Upper and lower Invisalign braces were worn and over 13 months the teeth were straightened.

invisalign case before fillings

Once we were happy with the alignment of the teeth we restored the edges of the front teeth to even the smile.

“gravesend invisalign braces before and after picture

Click on the image above to see the full pictures of the completed case.

After the braces and filings a removable retainer was made and worn at night to keep the teeth straight.


The treatment took just over 13 months to complete and the patient is thrilled with the results. As with all orthodontic treatment a retainer must be worn or your teeth could start to move back. A clear retainer worn at night is the simplest way to ensure this does not happen.

If you would like to see other examples of orthodontic brace work we have carried out have a look at our smile gallery.

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