NATIONAL SMILE MONTH 2018 IS ABOUT HELPING EVERYONE ACHIEVE GOOD PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELLBEING by improving our oral health. Its about helping to creating a healthier and happier world.

PMA Dental Care Gravesend is taking part in National Smile Month to promote positivity and to promote the true value of a smile. Helping develop and maintain a healthy mouth has real benefits towards physical health and mental wellbeing.

National Smile Month 2018 highlights three key messages, all of which go a long way in helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth. They are:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.


Top Tips for Caring for Your Teeth

Its not just the amount of sugar we or our children eat or drink that causes tooth decay, but how often we have sugary drinks and snacks.
A routine of good oral hygiene is essential, as well as having regular dental check-ups and thinking carefully about the food and drinks that we and our children consume.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

The natural bacteria living in your mouth and on the teeth convert sugar into acids. These acids then dissolve your tooth enamel. The risk of developing decay increases with the frequency and amount of sugar consumption

Brush Regularly

Regular brushing helps prevent decay as it reduces the amount of dental plaque (bacteria) on the teeth. Children up to three years old should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1000ppm. From the age of three, toothpaste should contain 1350ppm-1500ppm. Check the packaging of your toothpaste to see the fluoride levels. Brush morning and night. Children’s brushing should be supervised until the age of 7.

Don’t Miss Your Check-Ups

Regular dental check-ups. Help spot any oral health problems early which means they can be prevented from developing into something more serious.

Reducing Unhealthy Snacks

Sweets eaten between meals contain sugar and acidic ingredients. Cheese, breadsticks, nuts and raw vegetables are far better alternatives to sugary snacks. Sugar-free fizzy drinks are very acid and will still cause damage by erosion of tooth enamel. We think of raisins as being a healthy snack but they can be a problem too. They tend to stick to teeth and release sugar so should be consumed after meals, rather than as a snack.

Watch Out For ‘Hidden’ Sugars

Pure fruit juices and smoothies are a healthy choice, but contain natural sugars and acids which will still damage teeth. So ideally they should be consumed with a meal and be restricted to only one glass (150ml) a day. Sugars that are in whole pieces of fruit are less likely to cause tooth decay as they are combined with fibre.

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