CHIPPED AND DISCOLOURED TEETH CAN BE EASILY REPAIRED OR IMPROVED with white fillings and tooth whitening. Here’s an example with a recent patient at PMA Dental Care Gravesend Kent.

Chipped Teeth

A twenty year old young lady attended the practice wanting to do something about her discoloured teeth, she was also unhappy with the appearance of an old white filling on a chipped front tooth.

A simple plan was agreed to clean and whiten the teeth first. Once this was done the old filling would be replaced with a new white filling to match the whitened teeth

Complex treatments such as crowns and veneers would be unnecessary.

chipped discoloured teeth before

The aims of the treatment were as follows:

  • Remove staining from the teeth
  • Whiten the teeth
  • Replace old white filling to match whitened teeth

Treatment Stages

Cleaning and polishing of the teeth

Molds (impressions) of the teeth were taken and custom whitening trays were made.

The custom trays were test fitted and the patient was instructed on the use of the special tooth whitening gel.

whitening and chipped teeth blog case after treatment

Click on the image above to see the full pictures of the completed case.

After using the teeth whitening trays over night for 2 weeks a new white filling replace the old discoloured one that had been placed on the chipped tooth.


The treatment only took 2 weeks to complete and the young lady is extremely pleased with the results, she even left a nice review for us. Maintenance is simple, just keep cleaning the teeth twice a day.

If you would like to see other before and after examples of some of the cosmetic dentistry work we have carried out have a look at our smile gallery.

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