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WHAT IS FOURSQUARE and why has your dentist, PMA Dental Care Gravesend Kent, joined it?

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You may or may not be familiar with one of the more recent crazes in social media – location-based social networking. The leaders in this phenomenon are Foursquare and Facebook Places. The idea is that when you arrive at a business place you use your a phone app to ‘check-in’. Foursquare’s check-in is more game-like in that there are “badges” that you earn as you increase the number of your check-ins. For the competitive spirits amongst us you can aim to become the ‘Mayor’ of a location, you can even aim to oust the existing Mayor.  The point behind location-based social networking tools is multi-layered. The immediate payoff is that your friends can see and keep track of where your day takes you. In theory, if you check into a location and one of your friends happens to see your check-in and they are nearby, the two of you can perhaps get together. Many users of Facebook or Foursquare users find that checking in often initiates a ‘conversation’ online.

In keeping with many of our nurses’ love of social networking, PMA Dental Care is now part of the location based social networking tool Foursquare. Those of you already using Foursquare, you can now ‘check-in’ when you have an appointment at the practice. There are ‘specials’ for those who ‘check-in’ and we are now awaiting our first official ‘Mayor’.

Become ‘Mayor’ of PMA Dental Care

If you are a location-based social networking user, remember to ‘check-in’ each time you come to PMA Dental Care. Checking in is the only way that you can become Mayor of PMA Dental Care! If you’re not Mayor then checking in will allow you to oust the current Mayor.

You also can earn extra points by being the first to post a visit to a new location, by making frequent visits or by sharing new information and tips about PMA Dental Care.

Have Fun

Have fun with this new feature at PMA Dental Care and keep an eye open for new Foursquare specials. If you haven’t yet downloaded the app for Foursquare on your phone, give it a try. It’s fun and slightly addictive.


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COVID-19 UPDATE - March 2022


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