PMA DENTAL CARE IN GRAVESEND KENT are pleased to announce that we are Gravesend’s first and only fully accredited Enlighten Professional Teeth Whitening Centre.


Enlighten Teeth Whitening Centre Gravesend Kent

To celebrate our full accreditation we are offering a £100 discount on Enlighten tooth whitening.

The Enlighten teeth whitening system is the only whitening system in the world to offer the guarantee of the classic B1 white shade that patients aspire to.

kent gravesend enlighten teeth whitening case before after picture

Above is a case example of what you can achieve with the Enlighten teeth whitening system. More examples are in our case smile gallery.

White Teeth Guaranteed

The Enlighten teeth whitening system avoids the side effect of tooth sensitivity that is common with ‘laser whitening’ and achieves a much better and consistent level of teeth whitening than the traditional ‘home kit’.

Gravesend Kent Enlighten Professional Teeth Whitening Accredited Centre

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