FOLLOWING THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW WEBSITE and online booking system we have now also an integrated feedback system so that patients can tell us how well or badly we are doing.



The system works by automatically sending you an email after you have completed your treatment asking you to login to a secure webpage so that you can leave feedback and make any suggestions on how we can improve our services.

gravesend dentist feedback email

So far the system has proved popular with over 27% of those receiving the feedback invitation leaving their comments. Thank you if you are one of those patients. You also have an option of allowing your feedback to be automatically published on the PMA Dental Care website much like a ‘ticker-tape display’. See below:

Below is a chart of the feedback we have received showing patient’s satisfaction levels:

dentist feedback chart

Comments have been 100% positive with no complaints as to treatment or service we have provided. Thank you again, we are very proud and humbled to get get such great feedback. The feedback system has enabled us to also get suggestions as to how we can improve our service. One comment is set out below:

The Staff and service they provide are excellent; the building looks a little ‘tired’.

We agree our building on Wrotham Road in Gravesend is looking ‘tired’. In fact the interior is undergoing renovations at the moment. As our Victorian building is in a conservation zone we are awaiting planning permission to carry out renovations to the exterior.

practice renovations

We have a testimonial page where we have published some of the feedback we have received from patients and through our Denplan Excel patient survey. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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