ARE YOU THINKING, “Why would I friend or follow my dental practice on social media?” We understand. We’ve thought this through this from YOUR point of view.

Three Patient Benefits

We use social media to provide three benefits to our patients.

Useful and Engaging Content

We promise no pointless advertising or self-promotion. We’re not here to “sell” you dentistry. Our intention is to provide relevant information and advice for your comfort, health and appearance. We hope that they are tips you’ll enjoy and use. Some content we hope will be just fun and engaging. We believe that happy patients are informed and connected. It is nice to see content occasionally that reminds us how important our oral health is to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

A Better Service

We like to listen to our patients. We already have feedback systems in place but we’d like to make it simple for you to speak to us when and how you’d like. Hearing from you and your feedback helps us serve you better. Your participation makes us a better practice. All kinds of feedback such as comments on our blog, Facebook likes, shares and comments on our Facebook page help us know what we’re doing well and what we can do better. We appreciate your feedback and we take it very seriously.

Relationships Mean Something

Our dental practice is relationship based. We provide dental care on a one-to-one basis. Social media is also a one-to-one experience; it is not a traditional mass audience method of communication. We may only see you every six months but social media helps bridge that gap. We appreciate the personal relationship our team members have with you as individuals and we enjoy connecting more often. We occasionally have special offers and have some events planned that we would like to only make available to our patients. Social media helps us do that. We treat people, not just teeth! Thank you for being our valued patients and friends.

Tell us what you think we should post and write about. What interests you?


In October we will be running a competition through our Facebook page and Twitter feed giving you the chance to win Enlighten teeth whitening. All you need to do is follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook and you will get the competition information.

Enlighten teeth whitening normally costs £449 so this is a great chance to get a great smile!

enlighten teeth whitening case 6 before after

We can also be found on Google+, Youtube and Pinterest.

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